5 questions with Always Missing of Ducks On The Water, Geese On The Move

5 questions with Always Missing of Ducks On The Water, Geese On The Move:

How did you hear about Freeform Portland?

Well, as an avid radio sifter, I found freeform whilst scrolling through one day shortly after I moved to Portland back in September. I believe it was a Mount Eerie track that lured me in. From then on it became the only station I preferred. I kept listening and purely through good timing I heard that freeform was accepting DJ applications. As someone who 1)Constantly listens and finds music & 2) gets bummed out (selfishly) when I am not in control of the music (at least a little bit) around other people, I immediately took action and applied. Luckily that opportunity visibly arose the day before the deadline cutoff.

How did you come up with your DJ name?

For a while I was identifying myself & my music as “Sempre Saudade” which sort of translates to “always missing,” but a friend of mine who grew up in Brazil and speaks Portuguese informed me that saudade doesn’t necessarily mean what I was trying to convey- although it’s loose meaning is the feeling of missing something or someone nostalgically even though it may have not existed at all. So grammatically speaking, the phrase was bunk. To keep the omnipresent meaning that I felt from “saudade,” I simply translated it to a less emotionally packed (not really) english version.

As for my show name, I am extremely birdy and in love with fragmented sentences so Ducks on the Water, Geese on the Move was born. Also, I often find myself sitting by water watching ducks move as I listen to music.

You have a Saturday afternoon show, but you fill-in on a lot of late-night timeslots.  How are your fill-in shows different from your regular shows?

I am currently answering these questions during a 4-6am slot as the sun is rising. I don’t mind showcasing my more industrial harsh ambience taste during any of my shows being that my playlists are usually all over the place. Right now I am playing Milkweed / It Hangs Heavy by Pharmakon and it’s all I could ever hope for. Sometimes I follow up stuff like that with Alice Coltrane. I do try and save my vinyls for my 2-4pm slot.

What band(s) did you think you would play the most on your show and what band(s) do you actually play the most?

I thought I’d play way more Björk (because she is my all time favorite) but I tend to slip her in to my playlists rather sparingly. Mostly I play music that I’m either finding the day of, or music that has become a set of favorites. If I do like an album, I won’t play the majority of it but spread it throughout different shows. For instance, I’ve been doing that with Essaie Pas, Fall of Saigon, Damien Dubrovnik, Drew McDowall, Pharmakon, Puce Mary, HTRK, Anika, Suicide, Ela Orleans, Grouper, Sun Ra, etc……

What are some shows you like on Freeform Portland?

Ohh I love Softer Side Of Doom, Earth Time Radio, Journey Into Space, Static Atomizer, Turtles Have Short Legs, Universal Sound, Radio 859 … but there are so many more that I’ve yet to discover. Every time I put on the radio I’m usually instantly impressed or curious!