Portland Band Lottery 2018

I’m such a fan of Portland’s local music scene. We’ve got such a variety of talent in this city. There are amazing musicians living here who’ve created groundbreaking and exciting bands, and there are just as many more who haven’t yet hooked up with the right members. If you or a friend is in either of these groups, read on!

Earlier this month, I was joined in the 90.3 Freeform Studios by Farrah Halsey. Not only is she the drummer of local band Teleporter, but she’s also the mastermind behind the Portland Band Lottery. All of the money raised from this event will benefit Planned Parenthood.

Uncle Scotty: Farrah, where did the idea for this Portland Band Lottery come from?

Farrah: I watched this happen years ago in Bellingham Washington, and it was very successful. Really great bands were formed out of it, and some of them remain. It’s a great way to meet other musicians, whether you’re new in town or fantasize about trying your hand at a different instrument.

Uncle Scotty: This is better than Craigslist!

Farrah: Yeah, and it also puts together musicians from different styles and backgrounds that might never have met had it not been for these circumstances.

Uncle Scotty: If you get a heavy metal guitarist put together with a surf drummer and a jazz singer, it might be amazing! So musicians show up at The Basement Public House on Thursday March 1st. They make a $10 donation to the charity and put their name in a hat. Then what?

Farrah: Well, we’ll start pulling the names out and putting together brand new bands. You really won’t know who or what instruments you will be connected with until that moment. Then, you head off for a few months, come up with some songs, and then in the early summer you’ll perform them!

Uncle Scotty: And the money from that event will also benefit Planned Parenthood. Do all Band Lotteries raise money for charities?

Farrah: Not really, but I just wanted to do something to help out, especially considering the current political climate I really wanted to give something back the best way I could. Hopefully this will become a annual event that can raise money for various charities.

Uncle Scotty: Can people find out more about this online?

Farrah: Yes, we have both a Facebook page and an Instagram account, just look up Portland Band Lottery”.

Uncle Scotty: If you’re a musician you should come out and get involved in this, you might meet some awesome players out there that you didn’t know existed.

Farrah: Yeah, plus the show will be in summer when a lot of people are going out, I think it’ll be a fun show.

Uncle Scotty: Well thanks for doing this Farrah, this is the first ever Portland Band Lottery!

Farrah: Yeah, let’s make it a good one!

Uncle Scotty and Farrah

Scott “Uncle Scotty” Hammond has been a radio show host for over 20 years. He brought his internet radio station, Radio Hot Tub, to Portland and has been a strong supporter of the local music scene. He currently does live shows featuring local rock bands alternating Friday mornings on Freeform Portland.

Check out the Facebook event for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/605428116247630/