KNOW YOUR DJ – DJ WYNTER of Planetary Motion

DJ Name: Wynter

Freeform Show Name: Planetary Motion

Freeform Day/Time of Show: Thursdays 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM

FF: What’s the premise of your show, ‘Planetary Motion?

Wynter: I play mainly shoegaze, Nugaze, dream pop, ambient, experimental, and coldwave. My show aims to give people and easy and dreamy way to wake up in the morning. Occasionally I read reflections, poetry, or talk about astrology.

FF: What do you hope to communicate to the listener tuned into your show?

Wynter: My aim is to support music, artists, and my community through my love for DJing and music. I hope to communicate to the listener that some of the noisiest music can be the most beautiful.

FF: Have you seen any standout shows in Portland this year?

Wynter: YES. I just recently saw Tears Run Rings at Turn Turn Turn. It was their first show in ten years and they KILLED it.

FF: What do you like to do when you’re not at the station?

Wynter: I like to bake bread, cook for people, drink beer and red wine, and play bass guitar. I try and do a bit of everything.

FF: What do you think makes Freeform stand out in the realm of community radio?

Wynter: I’ve never met so many kind people in my life. Freeform is my family. Radio has become apart of my weekly schedule, and I’ve learned so much. I’m so proud of all my fellow DJs, and grateful for the community surrounding us.