WFMH Shares 5 Halloween Songs to Get Spooky With

He Met Me In the Guest House by Bappi Lahiri

Soundtrack and title song to the Indian Hindi horror movie Guest House (1980). The plot involves Christopher who is psychic, speaks to ghosts, and possesses a valuable ring. Christopher is invited to an isolated village to conduct a seance only to be murdered in the guest house of the invitee. The invitee cuts off Christopher’s hand for the ring but the hand revives to avenge his death.

Legend of Lone Wolf by The Wonderland Philharmonic. Composed by Mark Lindsay and W. Micheal Lewis

Legend of Lone Wolf, on the Shogun Assassin soundtrack made popular by RZA’s choice samples off the soundtrack that birthed GZA’s second legendary rap album, Liquid Swords (1995). 

Shogun Assassin is a condensed movie version of the first two Lone Wolf and Cub series about a samurai assassin who morphed into a samurai killer to avenge his wife after her murder by shogun warriors.

The Ghost of Cat Woman by Surapon

Surapon Sombatjalern or the “king of luk thung,” (authentic Thai pop) was killed in 1967. His death was the result of a crime of passion, murdered from jealousy by a husband of one of his mistresses. 

Nightmare on A.D.E Street by MC ADE

Sampled by Afrika Bambaata and Soulsonic Force on their track Planet Rock. MC ADE gets Freddy Krugerfied with DJ Eddie B slashing beats and dropping the Miami bass. “A is for awesome, D is for devastating and E for everlasting.” On the Bass of 4-Sight record (2009) 4-Sight Records.

Bag Snatchin’ by Nancy Dupree

From her album Ghetto Reality (1969), released by Smithsonian Folkways and Moses Asch after Dupree shared an aeroplane flight with Asch. Dupree was a music school teacher who inspired her students to participate in class by adjusting their school curriculum to sing their own compositions. Bag Snatchin’ is what happens to her students on Halloween night. She introduced her students to Mariam Makeba, Nina Simone and Odetta. Her students were also inspired to write a song about James Brown after they saw the Godfather of Soul play in Rochester, NY.

Written by Karen Lee (Weekend Family Music Hour)

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