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Live DJs. No ads. All day. All night. Help us reach our goal! Fall Fundraiser, November 4th to 17th

To reach our fundraiser goal, we need you.

We’re in the midst of our fall fundraiser and we’re calling on you, our dedicated listeners and community members, to help us reach our goal. Every donation you make keeps us on the air: one-time donations, reoccurring donations (“Friend of Freeform”), purchasing a special gift…everything helps. As always, we appreciate your love and support. It’s what keeps us going!


Your donation during our fall fundraiser supports freeform music and arts programming, unique learning opportunities, and a growing community of passionate DJs in Portland, Oregon.

Here’s what our DJs are saying:

I love that Freeform lets people with no experience come in and learn more about radio. Everyone’s so willing to have you come by, attend a meeting, shadow them, and teach you more, which is pretty great.

Night on Earth
Alternating Saturdays, 2-4am
DJ L0W T0NES, Freeform Portland

“Music has healed me so many times – I have to give back by searching and exploring all the depths of artists everywhere.”

DJ Slouch
The Night Gallery
Alternating Fridays, 6-8pm
DJ Slouch, Freeform Portland

I have been a Freeform Portland DJ for about three years. I have been DJing since I was a teenager. I am still inspired by new music I hear and older music I hear on our station. There is always something I hear when listening to our station that I would not have heard otherwise. It’s the real people in the station that are part of the community that brings the magic through the airwaves.

Unique Soul Sounds Experience
Mondays, 8-10am
DJ picture
JAXX MASTER KEVROK, Freeform Portland

Can you believe all these sounds are the stories of lives and are also woven into the stories of OUR LIVES??? Like how many lives has Whitney Houston touched? The feeling you get when she’s like IIIIIIII WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY and then you realize so many other people have had that feeling, and that’s great.

DJ Pizza Delivery
Deep Lez Power Hour
Alternating Wednesdays, 6-8pm
DJ Pizza Delivery, Freeform Portland

Freeform Portland is essential because non-corporate, community radio is essential to have on the airwaves. I mean, we train people within the community here to become DJs, no past experience necessary. Radio made by real people, not automated, computer playlists, will always be essential to me. 

DJ RK Heist
Sounds Obscure
Mondays, 10am-12pm
DJ RK Heist, Freeform Portland

Freeform isn’t afraid to put any genre anywhere. There isn’t some sort of genre locking where, for example, metal can only be played in the evening. It allows for a very eclectic blend of programming from an even more eclectic group of DJs.

DJ Burd
Alternating Sundays, 12-2pm
Burd, Freeform Portland

Freedom of expression and spreading joy through music is precious, and Freeform helps to foster and encourage all who love music and volunteering.

DJ Potsticker
Expand Your Horizons
Alternating Thursdays, 6-8pm
DJ Potsticker, Freeform Portland

Freeform is essential in keeping the airwaves relevant to a much needed alternative soundscapes from corporate sounds and intrusions!

DJ Nopalito Salvaje
No Tellin
Alternating Tuesdays, 10am-12pm
Nopalito Salvaje, Freeform Portland

I love the DYI ethic of Freeform. Freeform is essential due to the mission we have of sharing the music with love with our larger community. Commercial radio stations are run with a profit motive, and it seems that music executives do not know anything about music. Freeform has a diverse group of DJs playing a wide variety of music, so there are always songs to discover and enjoy.

DJ Princess Pepperspray
Basement Punk Party
Alternating Mondays, 12-2pm
Princess Pepperspray, Freeform Portland

Freeform is essential to the underground music scene in Portland. Without community radio all we would have is the same corporate sanctioned slurry of music that’s pumped in to every corner of the country. Death to corporate radio!

DJ Taylor Hill
Based Goth Radio
Wednesdays, 4-6pm
Taylor Hill, Freeform Portland

Freeform Portland is essential for the cliched reason that radio needs to be less homogeneous, less classic rock or less all talk radio. People need to hear rock music bumping up against electronica, bumping up against folk, bumping up against noise. The creativity of the programming will likely act as a ripple in the pond that is the listening audience, unconsciously or consciously having an inspired effect on people.

DJ Noah Fence
It’s a Nice World to Visit
Fridays, 12-2pm
Noah Fence, Freeform Portland

We need independent media in this world! It’s essential to democracy and for a strong cultural scene.

DJ Trinity Bellwoods
Breakfast SoundWitch
Alternating Saturdays, 8-10am
Trinity Bellwoods, Freeform Portland

I love that we are 100% music and we have so many kooky people, playing so much crazy stuff – our station is likely playing the largest variety of music out there right now.

DJ BeHut
Sweet Dreams
Alternating Mondays, 12-2am
DJ BeHut, Freeform Portland

As a DJ, I want to make people feel good with the music I play, and encourage them to wander out of the boundaries of the music they habitually hear so they can think new thoughts, dance new dances, hug new hugs, and have new conversations. There is so much in the world that makes us feel bad on a daily basis, I hope to do the tiny amount I can do to keep folks afloat and thinking positively. Maybe I’m idealistic in thinking music can do this, but I do believe it’s a very powerful force and should not be underestimated.

DJ Eagle Dog
Diamond Days
Alternating Mondays, 2-4pm
DJ Eagle Dog, Freeform Portland

I love that Freeform gives me a creative way to document my life and my musical interests over time. I make a two-hour audio collage during every show. I can always go back and listen to an archive of a show I did three years ago and know what labels I was obsessing over and what kind of a mood I was in that week. My radio shows are a kind of scrapbook of my life.

DJ Noah
Sick Sad World
Alternating Wednesdays, 6-8pm
DJ Noah, Freeform Portland

Freeform Portland offers a commercial-free refuge from the sensory overload that the modern digital landscape rains down upon us constantly. While we have many new technological options for consuming music, Freeform Portland provides a personal, human touch that cannot be reproduced by an algorithm or committee of programmers.

DJ Yoon
Planet Yoon
Alternating Mondays, 8-10pm
Yoon, Freeform Portland

It’s good to give people an alternative to what they have access to in their area. I think it is also a good reminder that there is always something new and interesting being created in music. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I haven’t.

DJ baseMetal
Industrial Playground
Alternating Thursdays,12-2am
DJ baseMetal, Freeform Portland

Freeform gives folks a creative outlet when they may not have had one. There’s something very special about curating a 2hr playlist – it’s intimate, artistic, and passionate. You’re baring your soul over the airwaves and that’s a brave and freeing act. We are creating art and refining our aesthetic with our DJ names, show names, flyers we make, how we talk on air, and the music we play. And because we have a bi-weekly or weekly deadline, you’re always moving forward, creating something new and honing your skills.

DJ Tock
Castle in the Air
Thursdays, 4-6pm
Tock, Freeform Portland

“Our passion for music is driven by the need to express ourselves. Turning a feeling into something that someone else can relate to and enjoy. And singing along! I am passionate about singing along to my favorite songs.”

DJ Kiki and DJ DropDead
Fridays, 2-4am
Kiki and DropDead, Freeform Portland

Freeform allows music lovers to share music they care about over the radio. No bots, no paid personality to just play the Top 40. I think that is very important.

DJ Zoloft
Home and Away
Alternating Wednesdays, 12-2am
DJ Zoloft, Freeform Portland

The volunteer spirit at Freeform is strong! Everyone works to keep the station alive on their own time and brings so much passion and knowledge to the table in the creation of their shows. I learn something new and feel inspired every time I tune in.

DJ Bonnie Jeanne
Grim Dreamers Anonymous
Alternating Thursdays 2-4pm
Bonnie Jeanne, Freeform Portland

I’m so excited that Freeform is growing and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

DJ Stonebunny
High Rollers in Sin City
Wednesdays, 8-10pm
DJ Stonebunny, Freeform Portland

Keep a good thing going!