Love Letter to Tamino

Tamino playing at a Tiny Desk Concert

By Jessie Stepan (DJ Ducky)

2019 – The Year of Tamino

Have you heard of him? He’s a Belgian-Egyptian singer with a velvet voice and soulful lyrics. He’s 23. Fun fact: We have the same birthday!

He’s got this Ethan-Hawke-in-Reality-Bites vibe (possibly just because they have THE SAME EXACT HAIR), and a very kind smile, and big brown basset hound eyes, but behind those eyes lies a true depth, power, and understanding that not many 23-year-olds possess. I know because not only have I been 23, but my little brother-in-law is 23, and trust me, he’s no Tamino. 😝

There’s something very special about the singer-songwriter. Maybe it’s that he’s the grandson of famous Egyptian movie star and singer, Muharram Fouad – the magnetism is in his blood. Maybe it’s his enviable 90s-cool hair (and hoop earrings). Maybe it’s just that I have a weird cougar-esque crush on him, but whatever it is, he deserves more praise. I’m a little late to the Tamino party, but there still aren’t many of us on “this side of the pond” who seem to have a true love for the guy yet. Why don’t you give him a listen and join us? I can pretty much 90% guarantee you’ll love his unique melodies and better-than-Hozier European edge.

There, I said it. He’s the NEW Hozier. And I am smitten. And I don’t care who knows it!

He’s coming to Portland in March. Playing at The Old Church. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Tamino: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Jessie Stepan (DJ Ducky) is a Portland transplant (sorry) from Texas, with the Freeform Portland radio show Invasion of the Indiesauruses on Fridays from 6-8 AM, which she hosts with her husband Pete. She’s a writer, self-certified couch potato, and corgi mom – not necessarily in that order.