Blog Guidelines

Posts submitted to the Freeform Portland Blog must satisfy the following guidelines for consideration:

  • Content provides value to the creative community
  • Content cannot be considered as hate speech against any protected class
  • Content does not alienate or antagonize any business or member of the public
  • Content does not contain overtly political material
  • Content does not promote illegal activity

We want our blog content to promote music, art, and things we like. Freeform Portland Blog editors maintain the right to exercise editorial judgment and discretion in selecting content for the blog. Submission of allowable content is not a guarantee for publication.

Writers are invited to include acknowledgement text to promote their own arts-related activity such as radio show, upcoming performance, blog, etc. This shall be included at the end of the post, clearly separated from the rest of the text.

Writers are also encouraged to include a short bio at the end of their post.

Content ideas (Monthly/quarterly/periodic features and evergreen content)

  1. Positive reviews w/ an interesting angle – local bands, album releases, etc.
  2. Musician profiles
  3. DJ interviews
  4. Freeform Portland events
  5. Musicology and radio history
  6. Artist interviews
  7. Local music business profiles (venues/record stores/music or arts related)
  8. Writing (poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction)
  9. Musical Discoveries (when you first encountered a band (or genre) and how changed
  10. you).
  11. Zine tie in (PDF download and “as seen in the zine”)
  12. Comics/art
  13. Weekly setlist digest – culmination of sets from DJ’s
  14. Fun images (illustrations, GIFS, digital ephemera, etc.)
  15. Top five songs (can be top five dance hits, top five releases from 1998, etc.)

What Freeform Blog editors do:

  • Help writers flesh out ideas
  • Moderate content
  • Time posts
  • Adhere to blog guidelines and/or exercise editorial judgment & discretion

What to do if you want to contribute to the blog:

  • Contact with questions, submissions, pitches, etc.
  • Draft and send your post in a Google Doc and be sure to embed all links
  • Send images as separate attachments
  • Once your content is posted, share with friends and on social
  • Log your volunteer hours based on the time you put into creating your content