WFMH Shares 5 Asian Songs to Celebrate Asian Lunar New Year- Year of the Metal Rat

The Asian Lunar Year starts Jan. 25th 2020. The Year of the Metal Rat will be a test of resilience for all zodiac signs. The year of the Rat commemorates a year of excess because rats love to collect, hoard and eat food. The corresponding element is metal for 2020. Metal can signify extra coins or better finances for all zodiac signs, so take advantage of new employment prospects, investments or play the lottery. As an Chinese American family, we wish you a prosperous, safe and loving New Year. Gong Hay Fat Choy!

Mary Sia  説不出的苦痛 (Unspeakable Pain)

Mary Sia is a Chinese singer who sings in Mandarin and lives in Malaysia. She has had a passion for performing at charity shows since 2000. Sia’s family also share her principles and values of supporting our fellow persons who are less fortunate. She is an avid participant in charitable causes to support global hunger.

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Love Letter to Tamino

Tamino playing at a Tiny Desk Concert

By Jessie Stepan (DJ Ducky)

2019 – The Year of Tamino

Have you heard of him? He’s a Belgian-Egyptian singer with a velvet voice and soulful lyrics. He’s 23. Fun fact: We have the same birthday!

He’s got this Ethan-Hawke-in-Reality-Bites vibe (possibly just because they have THE SAME EXACT HAIR), and a very kind smile, and big brown basset hound eyes, but behind those eyes lies a true depth, power, and understanding that not many 23-year-olds possess. I know because not only have I been 23, but my little brother-in-law is 23, and trust me, he’s no Tamino. 😝

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Happy Birthday, Tom Verlaine

Tom Verlaine, guitarist and leader of the band, Television, was born on December 13th, 1949, which means that today I am wishing him a happy 70th birthday.

With his band, Television, Verlaine helped to usher in the New York City punk & New Wave scene. Television began playing at the infamous club, CBGB’s, in 1974. Soon after, other bands followed in Television’s wake, debuting at the club, such as: The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, and The Dead Boys.  CBGB’s became the place to be among people in the know. 

Television at CBGBs
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Your Support Keeps Us on the Air

Live DJs. No ads. All day. All night. Help us reach our goal! Fall Fundraiser, November 4th to 17th

To reach our fundraiser goal, we need you.

We’re in the midst of our fall fundraiser and we’re calling on you, our dedicated listeners and community members, to help us reach our goal. Every donation you make keeps us on the air: one-time donations, reoccurring donations (“Friend of Freeform”), purchasing a special gift…everything helps. As always, we appreciate your love and support. It’s what keeps us going!


Your donation during our fall fundraiser supports freeform music and arts programming, unique learning opportunities, and a growing community of passionate DJs in Portland, Oregon.

Here’s what our DJs are saying:

I love that Freeform lets people with no experience come in and learn more about radio. Everyone’s so willing to have you come by, attend a meeting, shadow them, and teach you more, which is pretty great.

Night on Earth
Alternating Saturdays, 2-4am
DJ L0W T0NES, Freeform Portland

“Music has healed me so many times – I have to give back by searching and exploring all the depths of artists everywhere.”

DJ Slouch
The Night Gallery
Alternating Fridays, 6-8pm
DJ Slouch, Freeform Portland
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Music and Movies

Freeform Portland DJ’s roundup some of their favorite film-inspired music.

DJ Mrrranda from Spider in the Ear

Giallo and 60s-70s “artsy” horror movies prompted me to dig deeper into the work of Bruno Nicolai, Nora Orlandi, Stelvio Cipriani, and Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra (among others), and I encourage other folks to do this because every one of them is a delight.

In reverse, I don’t think I would’ve seen Invitation to a Suicide or The Golden Boat if not for John Zorn’s “Filmworks”. 

Tell me I am wrong.


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Music and Attention Spans

by William Vance

We, as human beings, have access to almost every detail and soundbite known to man, all within only a few clicks of a few buttons on a touchscreen. To call upon beautifully crafted recordings of twenty-minute concertos done by century-old composers can be done in less time than it takes to say most of the composers’ names.

So why, with all of the sounds of human history in all their thoughtfully-crafted excellence just waiting to be devoured, does so much new music struggle to extend past the three minute mark?

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WFMH Shares 5 Halloween Songs to Get Spooky With

He Met Me In the Guest House by Bappi Lahiri

Soundtrack and title song to the Indian Hindi horror movie Guest House (1980). The plot involves Christopher who is psychic, speaks to ghosts, and possesses a valuable ring. Christopher is invited to an isolated village to conduct a seance only to be murdered in the guest house of the invitee. The invitee cuts off Christopher’s hand for the ring but the hand revives to avenge his death.

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Listening to the Rain

A cat looks out a window at the falling rain

I grew up in rainy Seattle, and despite its reputation, Seattle is not the rainiest of cities. When it did rain back then, the world we all knew changed a little. It took some time to readjust. My dad would comment on how many car accidents there suddenly were and how “people forget how to drive” whenever it rains for the first time in awhile. The memory of this kind of sudden rain is tied to autumn for me, since Seattle had so little (if any) rain in the summer while I was growing up. 

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